Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Small tips for beter concentracion

We all sometimes misplace something that later we can not find, we aren't able to remember someone's name or phone number and like so. So here are tips on how to improve concentration and memory.

In recent years, we are so caught up in the fast pace of life and modern technology, it's no wonder that occasionally we can't remember something important to us. When was the last time you calculated something "on foot", without using a calculator? Or, play with friends or family or children interesting geography, gallows and similar games that lead to progresive thinking; solve crosswords or sudoku? We are "glued" to the television set or computer not thinking that this damages the brain convolutions which should be stimulated in order to work better and better. What can we do about it?

To begin with, if you do not practice - start. Exercise increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, reducing stress and protect brain cells. Quality sleep is also essential for the proper functioning of the entire body - including the brain. Lack of sleep affects concentration, raises stress levels, making us tired, irritable and carelessness. Proper nutrition is very important to preserve the memory and good concentration. Foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin B complex and omega 3 fatty acids is especially recommended for stimulating memory and concentration. So, fruits and vegetables - especially green beans, soybeans, liver, fish, nuts, green tea - it's the food that we need to provide in order to start the convolutions to work properly.

Start by regularly doing thinking exercises. As muscles need exercise to grow and be shaped by, the same goes for the brain. Start a language course, begin to pursue a hobby, start playing chess or solving sudoku and similar games that include active thinking. All this will stimulate the brain for more productive work. Read books, go to regular walks, spend time with people and reduce the time you spend in front of the computer screen or TV; more meaningful and more fulfilling everyday life encourage brain waves to grow and make you more focused.

In addition, there are some seemingly small things, if we use them every day, also plenty of help. For example: brush your teeth with the opposite hand from the one you normally use; dress and undress with your eyes closed, take a shower too. Little things that can be very funny, cause positive effects on our memory and concentration.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Concentracion while working at home

If you sometimes think that it's easier that you don't get up from your bed in the morning and treat yourself to work from home, you should know that you are wrong.  There is a large number of little things that distract you from your work, so you need to use tricks that will help you concentrate more easily.

Working from home is a double-edged sword. On one hand it is easier because you don't have to get up early and chase the bus so you would not be late for work. On the other hand it is more difficult because it is very easy to lose concentration, given the million household  things that frustrate you.

However, if you are forced to stand still for several days and can't get out of bed, and also can't afford that luxury to transfer responsibilities to somebody else, a few tricks will help you maintain focus and achieve the productivity that you have in the office.

Find a personal space

It doesn't necessarily have to be your desk, but a place where you feel most comfortable. Try not to lie down as much as possible , because lying in bed will deconcentrate you even more. It is scientifically proven that we are less productive in this position, and the job will not be done well.

Turn off the television

TV is undoubtedly the largest obstacle for the job, because it draws too much attention. With it you will never concentrate the right way.

Do not skip meals

Many mistake when taking a lengthy break during the working day, mostly for big lunch, after which they feel that it is time for rest and sleep. That is a mistake! Eat small and frequent breaks to eat, otherwise you will "burn out".

Forget about social networks

In addition to television, one of the biggest threats to your work there are the social networks. One minute of checking Facebook, quickly turns into an hour browsing the news with friends, correspondence, viewing pictures ... Check the profile before work and during the breaks,so that your work day wouldn't be turned into a work night.

Allocation of work

It would be good thing to take five minutes of the night before your work and to allocate the job. It's easier when you know exactly what to do, and you'll feel better when you know you've done everything you had. It is always better to do things in advance.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Concentration at work

A recent US study showed that the man in the same job can only work for five years,
 and after that period of time his concentration, productivity and desire to work drastically drops.
 After the expiry of five years, or a course before,
 so they would't quit, bosses move their workers to other functions that allow them to satisfy
 their appetites and to kill boredom. Some workers, after spending several years in the same job,
 leave that job in order to break the daily routine.

However, if you have already spent some time on the same job,  and you are not that interested anymore, try to handle this problem. Work on the concentration, because that will help you do better and you will feel more satisfied with the result. Here are a few tips for better concentration!

1. Sit up straight

Although you may think that sitting will not help for concentration, you are wrong. Your blood flows faster through the body while you sit straight,  and thus sends a message to your brain that you are willing to work, not to sleep at the table.

2. Do not be hungry

If you spend the whole time thinking "Wow I'm hungry, I'm not good, I could just eat something ...",
 you will not be able to concentrate on work. In the morning, have breakfast and dine well in time.
Avoid carbohydrates because they will make you feel weak.  Lots of vegetables and fish it is good for concentration.

3. First, solve a larger obligation

You may want to begin addressing with a smaller and lighter duties at work firstly, but it's not a good decision. Most of the time you think of the major tasks and how and when you will finish them. Before you start pushing the problems under the carpet in the corners of yorure brain and on TO DO list on your computer, get rid of them early in the morning as soon as you get to work. You will feel more relaxed and concentrated.

4. Headphones

If you work in a large office where it harder to concentrate,  headsets and music are a good solution. This way, you might isolate yourself from unnecessary information and it will be easier to concentrate on your work. However, make sure that music does not make you wander off into a third sphere and completely forget about the job.

5. Rest

Pause to make a walk in the fresh air because oxygen accelerates the blood and stimulates brain function. If your job consists of working on the computer,  each hour try to look away from the screen and watch for a while in the distance. The eyes and you will be grateful.

Good luck!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Small exercises for concentration

Concentration is one of the important elements that we need in order to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. If you often catch yourself thinking wander off somewhere else while trying to finish what you started, or you notice that you need something for a much longer time than is really necessary for concentration exercises can help you.

As we do exercises for the body to stay in shape every day, or repeat words from foreign languages so they stay in our memory, concentration exercises should be repeated regularly in order to take some effect. Ten minutes a day can be enough. These exercises should be done in a quiet room,becuse firstly you need to relax the body and forget about any tension. If you fail to do this exercise, start from scratch and repeat until you do it right, but it should not take longer than 15 minutes a day. Only when you are able to complete an exercise, go to the next one.


  •  Choose a book and count words in a paragraph. Do not track your finger or count them with the help of pencils or something else, but just by looking at them. Count several times, to convince youoreself that you got the exact number.

  •  Count backwards from 100 to 0 inside your head.

  •  Now count backwards from 100 by skipping every third number, meaning: 100, 97, 94 ...

  •  Select a word or a sound and repeat it for five minutes.

  •  Select a fruit. Study it for two minutes, but dont' think about where you bought it, how heavy it is, but just look at its texture, color, smell, touch it to feel its crust. After that, leave it aside, close your eyes and imagine it, thinking only about what you observed earlier. If you do not have a clear picture in your mind, open your eyes and repeat the exercise until your image does not crystallize.

  •  Take some small object, such as a spoon and watch it from all sides, but as you look at it try not to imagine any words. You just have to watch.

  •  Draw a simple geometric shape and paint it whit color. Watch it, but do not think about anything else. As in previous exercises, you should not imagine any words in these moments, there should be only the form, nothing else.

The more you practise, you will have better results!

Saturday, November 22, 2014



The term neurobik is introduced to us by Americans Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin to present a system of exercises for stimulating mental abilities. The main tasks of neurobika are stimulation of the brain and the maintenance of good memories. The exercises should work all - children to train attention and getting used to the adoption of new content, and adults to be mentally active and to prevent dementia.


It is a simple but highly effective exercises. For them, you do not need money, nor preparations, nor much time.You can do them anywhere and anytime. At home, at work, while eating, even in the shower.


  • New places

We encourage you to go to the places you've never been or which rarely go because it's stimulate new visual perception. This can be a park, new store, bookshops, jetty, a lake..

  • Different fragrances

Buy a bottle of various essential oils, aromatic candles or incense. Every morning, as soon as you wake up, let youreself to the smell that you have never experienced. Unknown aroma will awaken the brain.

  • Walking with my eyes closed

Walk around the apartment with your eyes closed, it is an excellent exercise for concentration.

  • Left to right

If you are right-handed, do not brush your teeth with your right hand, insted use your left hand, and vice versa.

  • Nice things

Maybe clothes do not make the man,but affects the state of mind.It is scientifically proven that the clothes we wear affects the emotions, and sexuality, and the way of thinking and creating new outfits encourages creativity.

  • Another route

The more often you change the way that you go to work or shopping. Even if the new route is longer, don't let it discourage you. Exercisers and brain and leg muscles.

  • Challenges

Be confident. If you get a chance to try out a new job for which you are specifically trained. for , wholeheartedly accept the challenge. The brain is the fastest activated when a man does not know quite exactly what to do.

  • Touching

Learn to distinguish a coin only by touching it. This exercise is highly useful because it develops the sense of touch and  it's "pumping" nerve cells. Work it while sitting in a waiting room or standing in line at the post office. It will kill your time.

  • Focus

If you follow the fashion magazine, buy one that deals with the economy. Are you a fan of travelogues? Skip it and read articles about animals. This does not mean you have to give up your interest, but from time to time change the focus.

  • TV without sound

Mute the TV to the end and try to reconstruct dialogue only by mime and pictures . This is particularly interesting if it is about society.

  • Diffrent weekend

If you usually spend a weekend in the city, the next time you set off into the countryside.You rarely listen to music? Then buy concert tickets, and you will experience a lot of new sensations. If you do not like, you can always leave.

  • Counter tempo

If you are slow, deliberately set yourself a task to double the speed up.  Changing the natural pace is excellent training for concentration.

  • Having fun

Invent anecdotes and make fun is also very useful mental activity. Humor network launches new associations, develop creativity and mental abilities.